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Meet Mr. Binx

Saving Our Space

The mission of Saving Our Space is to raise funds for the purchase and preservation of land for wildlife conservation.  We accomplish this by providing an enriching experience that fosters excellence in wildlife education and wildlife conservation, so that present and future generations are inspired to understand, appreciate and protect the fragile interdependence of all living things.

Working together to help wildlife.

Most of us love animals and want to do something to help with the plight that wildlife faces in the modern world. But, realistically what can one person do to help? That is a question that I asked myself. The unfortunate answer is that one person can’t do much. However, working together we gain the strength to help in some meaningful ways. What is it that wildlife is most in need of? I believe most people would agree that what wildlife most needs is land to live their lives free of human interference. Together with Mr. Binx, I conduct a variety of educational programs providing an up close and personal interaction with a Eurasian Lynx. Our goal is to provide a once in a lifetime experience that warms your heart and opens your wallet.