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Presently we are focused on the tropical rain forest of Belize.  Saving land from development in this region is especially important because the area is home to 5 different species of wild cats – Jaguars, Puma, Ocelot, Margay and Jaguarundi.  These 5 species of cats have learned to co-exist in the same area by eating different prey and keeping out of each other’s way.  Such a large variety of cats in such a small geographical area is amazing!

Belize is a country about the size of Massachusetts and is located in Central America along the Caribbean coast.  It is an English-speaking country and is fairly safe to travel in.  The human population is mainly in three cities along the coast, leaving the mountainous interior somewhat untouched and wild.  This untouched area serves as a wildlife corridor for animals to travel between southern Mexico and Central America.

Like other developing countries, Belize is feeling the stress of population increase which in turn destroys the wild habitat range.  The main source of income for most Belizeans is farming.  To make more money to support their families they are slashing and burning the jungle for more farm land. This is where the problem lies …. and our mission comes into play.  On average, each $1,000 raised saves another acre of rain forest for all of perpetuity. The goal is to help ensure that Belize’s wildlife remains wild with plenty of habitat to live in and expand on.

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